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Olive Baptist Church

Church at 1836 East Olive Road, Pensacola, FL 32514

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  • Love this Church. Been a member since birth. It's a family of believers that honors it's past and strives to reach the future generations. Every week Pastor Ted always delivers truth from scripture and Jon directs spirit lead worship! A great place for both young and old!

    Added May 19, 2017 by Regan Bell
  • I would not be anywhere else. The finest Gospel preacher, our music program is first-rate and there is always something going on for the family to be involved. The congregation is so warm and welcoming from the first time i visited. If you have not tried Olive, you are missing a blessing!

    Added May 07, 2017 by Linda Hester
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    After praying for months on if I should "review" Olive based on my rather difficult experience. I believe it will be best for Olive's community outreach, as well as new members. This is my final attempt to inform their staff.

    My husband and I relocated to Pensacola from Dallas in January 2016. We immediately began attending Olive as we enjoyed Dr Traylor's sermons. In March, we decided it was time to join.

    In our two months there, we had been attending a small group nearly every Sunday, we never felt this particular class was correct for us, but I reached out to the Small Group Pastor via email and this should not hinder our involvement in membership.

    Nearly immediately after joining, within 1 month, God put many, many challenges in our way (miscarriage, job loss, sibling death, etc) l. As our family is not in the state of FL, we traveled for that entire month trying to be present with our families during this time.

    During this month, we received a couple of Facebook messages questioning our lack attendance to this small group we were attending. They read to be very demanding as if we were skipping class, not at all concerned with why we might be absent. We told them we would be back soon, we were traveling for family reasons.

    After a few weeks of travel, I emailed the small group Pastor once again, as well as had a mutual friend inform the music minister we were in need of small group guidance. We began watching Olive online each Sunday, as to us, if we weren't attending small group, and we did not know a soul on the 5k + campus, it seemed like a better fit.

    We were sure we would hear from Olive anyday. Either their New member outreach (all of this is within 6 weeks of joining), their small group Pastor or definitely their music minister would have someone, anyone contact us for guidance.

    It has been now 9 months. Zero feedback.

    Olive staff, after a month or two of membership, contact your new members, in person, via email or phone. Check on them, if they have any questions, concerns, need guidance. With such a large campus, I understand people get lost, but with the amount and different avenues we reached out, we should not have been lost.

    Added April 03, 2017 by Jenni Lindsay
  • There are a lot of false reviews about olive saying how they put teens on the street to shout the Word of God. Olive has never done anything like that, and I am saddend that people will lie to give bad publicity to a Church. Olive is a great place full of great people and I am happy to call it my place of worship.

    Added January 30, 2017 by Benjamin Hensor
  • If u really knew, those young people on the corner are from Pensacola Christian College so before you speak make sure you know all the facts or people will not beleive anything you say. Olive is a church that spreads gods Holly Word.

    Added October 25, 2016 by Carl Bowser
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